Rules and Regulations


It is the student's responsibility to attend class. Attendance plays a major part in the belt rank testing. Good attendance is important to help maintain the standard of the class exercises and continued development of the student. Belt rank testing can be done during class or a designated testing time may be offered at the discretion of the instructor.   When a Black Belt testing has been granted, an oral and written test will be given along with an ability performance test.

Dojo Rules and Regulations

  • Students must be punctual to all classes. Please call if you will not be attending.
  • Students must keep their karate uniforms clean and in good repair, wearing all appropriate patches.
  • Students must keep their bodies clean and their finger and toenails trimmed.
  • Students must not wear jewelry or any hazardous objects while exercising.
  • Students must not consume food, drink, or candy while exercising. Smoking is prohibited.
  • Students must practice only those techniques that have been formally introduced to them by their seniors or instructors.
  • Students must not engage in idle talk while in the dojo.
  • Students must sit properly with their legs crossed while in the dojo.
  • Students must remain quiet and attentive while exercising.
  • Students should always be polite and courteous to each other.
  • Students should keep the dojo clean and in good repair.
  • Students must make the spirited yell "OUS" when their name is called during formal exercises and during changes in commands.
  • Students must obey the established guidelines while sparring.
  • Students must use the school equipment with respect.
  • Students must practice the spirit of fair play and be obedient to their instructors.
  • Students must not leave the dojo during class without the permission of the instructor.
  • Student should use the restroom before class begins to avoid interrupting the class.


As a part of martial arts tradition students are required to show respect to their instructors, the American and Japanese national flags and the institution of karate, which is done by performing the ceremonial bow. We do this when we enter or leave the dojo, when greeting or making a statement or inquiry of the instructor and whenever etiquette requires. The second show of respect is by saying "OUS", accompanied by the bow. Respect is one of the cornerstones of all civilized society and plays a vital role in the development of all martial artists.


It should be remembered that this class is designed to help prepare you to defend yourself. It will be necessary for instructors to "simulate" attack situations and some contact is necessary and is sometimes rough. While it is not our goal to brutalize or injure people, bruises and strains may occur.

Regulations for Sparring

To fully understand the application of the techniques that are being taught, we will be doing basic sparring. If a student does not want to spar, they will do other things in the small practice room.

The school has some gear to be used during class time, but you may want to purchase your own, as we do not have enough to go around.

You will not spar if you do not have the proper safety gear!

The following gear will be worn during sparring:

Head gear - school has a few

Hand gear - school has a few

Groin protection for guys

Shin guards - required (need your own)

Mouth piece - required (need your own)

                  Foot gear - optional

All gear can be purchased from Shihan Fuller! If we don't have it, we can order it!





Students must wear all protective gear during free sparring. All gear worn during sparring must meet the approval of the chief instructor. Absolutely no outside equipment without the prior approval from the chief instructor is allowed.

The protective gear includes (but not limited to): head gear, hand gear, foot/shin/instep gear, mouth piece and cup/supporter (males).

All sparring is of "light" or "no" touch to designed scoring areas.

There are no open handed techniques to the face.

There are no uncontrolled sweeping techniques.

No spinning techniques without control.

No blind techniques will be allowed

There is no contact allowed to the face, throat, spine, groin, knees, or joint areas.

Legal areas are: head covered by headgear, front abdominal area, flank (sides of body), areas of back - excluding the afore mentioned illegal target areas. Only touch is allowed!! Techniques can be thrown to the front of the face, but must NOT make contact.

Grabbing the uniform is allowed to score a point, but wrestling types of techniques or purposeless grabbing is prohibited. No elbow locks, wrist or joint manipulations are allowed.

All sparring is allowed only with an instructor present.
No sparring without prior approval from the chief instructor.  

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